Looking for Mulch in Bulk?

Looking for Mulch in Bulk?

We offer mulch for sale in the Felda and Naples, FL area

From landscapers to apartment complexes, many businesses need a steady supply of mulch. Felda Grinding & Recycling, Inc. offers mulch for sale in Felda and Naples, FL areas so you can get mulch in bulk for whatever project you're working on.

We're a compost and mulch production company with a team dedicated to producing quality, nourishing mulch. Whether you're working on a big landscaping project or use mulch for your business every day, we'll make sure you get the mulch you need.

Get more information about our mulch for sale in Felda and Naples, FL by calling us today.

Why use our mulch?

You might think all mulch is the same. But mulch is created from different materials and can have different properties. We produce a unique brand of mulch that's...

Colored to look more attractive so it improves your landscape's visual appeal
Finely shredded so that it's easy to spread, making your workday easier
Natural and nourishing, helping plants grow healthier and greener

If you want to see the difference quality mulch can make, we'll let you try our FDR Shredded Mulch for free. Call 239-834-2496 to arrange for a free sample from our dedicated mulch production company.