1 | Horticulture Debris Clean-Up

We collect yard waste from transfer stations to recycle into compost.

1 | Horticulture Debris Clean-Up

2 | Mulch Production

Our mulch is easy to spread and will help you take care of landscaping work.

2 | Mulch Production

3 | Compost Production

You can get compost that's specially created by a skilled compost company.

3 | Compost Production

4 | Contact Us

Contact us today to get more information about our mulch and compost.

4 | Contact Us
Don't Overspend at a Corporate Retailer

Don't Overspend at a Corporate Retailer

Work with a dedicated compost company in Felda and Naples, FL

Do you really know how the mulch and compost are made at retailers? When you choose Felda Grinding & Recycling, Inc., you can rest assured that you're getting landscaping supplies that are created from natural materials and designed to promote healthy plant growth.

We're a compost company serving the Fort Meyers, Naplers, and Felda, FL areas. We perform debris removal services and turn the yard waste we collect into quality compost. We offer:

Commercial yard debris removal services
Mulch for sale
Compost for sale

By taking advantage of mulch and compost sold directly from a specialized compost company, you'll know you're getting quality products at a competitive price. We also provide free samples if you want to try our mulch or compost before you buy.

Contact us today to get more information about our mulch and compost.

Unique products created through a unique process

Felda Grinding & Recycling has been refining our mulch production and composting processes for over a decade. We've developed specialized methods that result in natural products that are easy to use and provide the nutrients plants need.

By using our compost, you're also helping the environment. We can perform yard debris removal services and recycle your waste. We'll turn the debris into usable material so it doesn't end up in a landfill.

Call us at 239-834-2496 to arrange for compost or mulch in Felda and Naples, FL.

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