Don't Settle For Chemical Fertilizers

Don't Settle For Chemical Fertilizers

Take advantage of compost for sale in the Felda and Naples, FL areas

One of the best ways to provide nutrients to a yard is to use natural compost. You can avoid applying synthetic chemicals to the land and reduce your environmental impact by using recycled natural materials.

Felda Grinding & Recycling, Inc. provides a composting service in the Felda and Naples, FL areas. We collect yard waste and compost it to create natural fertilizer. We offer bulk compost for sale so you can keep your business supplied every day.

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How our process works

At Felda Grinding & Recycling, we don't just bury yard waste and wait. We use a specialized process to create quality compost that will make your job easier. Our composting service happens in three steps:

First, we process the waste and grind it down to a finer consistency
During the composting process, we turn it to keep it aerated
Once it's ready, we screen it to make it a consistent size that's more effective

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